10 Reasons Why an Event Needs to Have a Keynote Speaker

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Are you still thinking whether to spend for an expensive keynote speaker or save it for something else? You probably haven’t realized yet why having one in your event is really important. Here are 10 reasons that might convince you.

1.It makes the event special.

A special event comes with a special guest. There is always this expectation from the audience that when not met causes disappointment. Somehow, many people feel that an event is not complete without a keynote speaker because his speech serves as the highlight. The quality of the speaker is a different issue altogether, but just having one already makes a difference.

2.It makes a message clearer and more credible.

Keynote speakerIt doesn’t seem too believable when your mother tells you that you are beautiful and loveable, regardless if she’s really telling the truth or not. The same is true for any organization. Sometimes, a message becomes more credible when somebody from the outside says it. Some speakers are also better at making a message more powerful, so just leave it to the pros.

3.It draws a crowd.

Having a famous or excellent keynote speaker (notice that “famous” and “excellent” don’t always go hand in hand) boosts attendance. An organizer really needs to look for one especially if it’s a paid-for event. Most of the time, it’s the speaker that the audience specifically waits for.

4.It neutralizes the intention of the organizers.

People often see the bad side of every good intention. They may feel that they are not good enough whenever they are motivated to strive harder and perform better. They may feel inefficient whenever they are required to undergo training or attend a seminar. They may feel demoralized whenever someone from their organization gives an honest assessment. However, having someone else deliver this intention somehow softens it and makes it less offensive.

5.It makes the message and the event itself more memorable.

Events organized by organizations need to stick to memory if they really want to make it a platform for publicity and promotion. A prominent keynote speaker can easily do that, especially if he is a celebrity.

6.It calls for publicity.

Publicity usually follows wherever a famous personality goes, whether he is a celebrity, a politician, a book author, or a renowned motivational speaker. Imagine how much exposure the event and the organizers can get just by being twitted to the speaker’s long list of followers. Really famous personalities like celebrities may even bring some reporters for coverage.

7.It provides expert opinion and knowledge to help the organization achieve its goals.

There are some things that no one in the organization can provide its members, such as a certain level of expertise on a particular subject, an extensive experience in the industry, and access to exclusive training modules and workshop techniques. Many speakers make a living from giving you the chance to have exactly those.

8.It motivates the audience to do better in their endeavors.

When employees of a business organization are constantly exposed to pressure and stress of receiving high demands, they may no longer respond positively when the same people that pressure them and give them stress also give them encouragement at another time. Again, people often see the bad side of every good intention.

9.It creates a good impression for the organizer or host.

When a keynote speaker has really good reputation, that reputation trickles down to the whole event and its organizers. Just being associated with a good name is already enough to somehow improve a tainted image. It doesn’t solve credibility issues and scandals of course, but it does help.

10.It gives the audience an insight that only the speaker can provide.

Bringing something new to the table makes the whole experience different. That is what keynote speakers can offer with their expertise and experience. Members of any organization need something new all the time so that they won’t feel idle and stuck in a rut.

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