Deciding on the Right Golf Club

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As a beginner, one of the hardest tasks is looking for the right golf club. A golf club can cost $200 to $1500 each. One should seriously consider before buying a club. Investing can be painful financially if it is a wrong choice. Before deciding on which one to pick, make sure to follow these simple steps.

Callaway golfThe first thing to do is to research heavily on the types of clubs. There are six classifications of clubs and most professionals have at least one of them. The driver is for tee shots. They give far distances, hence the name “driver”. The irons are for fairway shots. Irons also have classifications. There is 1-iron, 2-iron and so on – until 11-iron. Most people just have 3-iron until 4-iron.The numbers would depend on the angle of the ball once the club has hit it. A lower number would give farther distances and vice versa. Fairway woods have the same role as the iron. The only difference is that woods give farther distances. It is also numbered the same way as irons. Hybrids are a crossbreed of irons and fairway woods. Some people opt to just bring this instead of both irons and woods. They are good for bushes and tall grasses. Wedges are for special cases. Each wedge is specialized for a kind of terrain. There are sand wedges which obviously, are made for sandy terrains. Some wedges are also made for mud and tall grasses. Most golfers carry many types of wedges in cases of emergencies. Lastly, there is the putter. They are used when the ball is already on the greens. They are specifically designed to shoot that last shot.

It is important to note that each club has its own advantages and disadvantages. All golf companies such as Callaway golf aim the same things. To make the center of gravity larger and better, to provide utmost comfort, increase aerodynamics and beautify the design of the club. Each company would have their own innovations and would be better in some areas compared to the others. Callaway golf is known for their Big Bertha line. People loved it because of the sliding weight adjuster. Some companies would also have their own popular lines. Each club would cater to different people. It is important to check all the features before buying one.

Gauge your skill in playing golf. Some clubs are made for professionals only. These kinds of clubs are not forgiving but would greatly help the control of the person. An example is the Callaway golf RAZR X line. Beginners may find it hard to use because the center of gravity is small but it gives so much power when the right spot is hit. There are plenty of other clubs which are forgiving for beginners. Find the right club to start learning how to play.

There are different types of golfers, from the beginner to the expert level. There is the high handicap which is the level of the beginners. They usually need a very forgiving club that would not dig in the soil during the tee shot. There are Callaway golf clubs such as the Big Bertha driver and the Big Bertha irons which are easily the most forgiving clubs in the market. These clubs would still give a fairly good straight shot even if the center of gravity is not struck. Low handicap level is for the experts or those who have been in the game for quite a long time. They hit the center of the club almost always and give fairly powerful shots. Knowing what type of golfer is very important to find the right type of club.

Do not worry if you bought a wrong club. Most people make that mistake and they can get used to their own clubs. The most important thing to remember when playing golf is to practice and practice.

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