Where to Buy Custom Lanyard

Oct - 07 2015 | By

Maybe your company needs some custom lanyards made. Where do you go? There are some specialized and rather obvious options, but there are also places that may end up providing you with more convenient locations, better prices, and probably even some surprising options. So when having lanyards customized, it is best to have enough time to scout places, prices, and varieties before making a commitment.

Lanyard Shops

The most obvious place to go to is a lanyard shop. This is a haven of all the possible designs that you may want. It could be, anyway. Even with lanyard shops, you could make comparisons as to which could provide you with the materials and designs that you need. However, you would be sure that when you go to such a shop, you can at least see some possibilities, catalogues, and even actual previous products.

Personalization Experts

Custom lanyards may also be found in personalization shops. These shops are known for creating designs for all sorts of personalized items, from mugs and T-shirts, to posters and name tags and invitations. Lanyards should feel at home in such a business. You could try them if you cannot find what you are looking for in an actual lanyard shop.

Mall Booths or Kiosks

Sometimes, you won’t even notice lanyard businesses properly because they are located within malls in small booths and kiosks. So, the next time that you go to a mall, inspect those tiny booths. You might be able to find cheaper and more interesting alternatives to what you are looking for. With smaller rental space, these booths and kiosks are sometimes able to provide better deals.

Hobby Shops

Custom LanyardsIn hobby shops, you can find just about everything. After all, they are catering to varying interests. You can also find lanyards in some of them. Make sure, however, that they do customize the lanyards according to the needs of their clients. Some of these hobby shops may treat custom lanyards as novelty items that are sold with a certain set of designs.

General Printers

General printers may offer all types of printing services, including that of custom lanyards. Those that are located near schools will try their best to get the most out of their student clientele. By providing lanyards, they can give their clients a whole lot of business in just one place. Imagine having tarpaulins, manuscripts, and lanyards printed out in just one place. Do check if they have the method you prefer, however. Maybe they will print lanyards and won’t give stitching or dye sublimation options.

Online Businesses

Online, you can buy just about anything. For those who are brave enough to rely on a completely digital transaction, an online lanyard shop is the most convenient option. You get to see all that they provide. Some of these shops may even provide you with an app that lets you customize your design in real time. There is no need for you to visit the place. You just customize using the app or send via email a digital recreation of your sketched ideas. Then, you can pay online, hopefully via a secure payment server, and just wait for the company to deliver. It can be that easy.

This article basically just wants you to go beyond the usual suspects. Maybe the nearest place at your location is a printing service center or maybe it is a hobby shop. If these businesses can deliver the goods then there is no need to look further. Delivery may even be cheaper if the business is within your area. However, a lanyard shop – online or brick and mortar – if available, would still be the best option out there.